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What Makes Original Bagel Products Different?

We seized the opportunity to custom design equipment and a bakery with the ability to bake authentic, New York style bagels. For example, we extended our bagel boiler so the “time submerged” matches a bagel shop kettle. We designed a unique “double-seed press” so our seed coverage is superior. We let our bagels “rest” for 12 hours to develop flavor and a crust. We use bagel–shop ingredients like powdered barley malt, not the less expensive liquid malt or no malt at all, like our competition. And most important, we have expert bagel bakers throughout our plant. All of our supervisors have a minimum of 10-years experience.

Bagels are Boiled and Hearth Baked – All products are Kettle boiled (45 to 60 seconds like a bagel shop kettle) then Hearth Baked in a new tunnel oven. This gives the bagel a crusty outside with a soft chewy inside. Traditional New York Style.

Flavor Profile – All products are given 12-hour fermentation on boards to allow the flavor and texture to develop the best flavor profile.

Packaging – All bulk packed bagels are packed in pillow pack freshness packaging. Every 15 bagels are sealed in a pillow pack wrap. This ensures the integrity of the bagel so that after the case is opened, the product will not get freezer burned or dried out from exposure.

No high-fructose Sweeteners – We use sugar and barley malt (high-grade).

No Trans Fat Oils

Seeding – Our bagels are loaded with the best seeds in the industry! We installed a seed press that presses the seeded product onto the bagel for excellent seed retention. That means seeds stay on the bagel during shipping and you don’t have a case with seeds all over the bottom of the box.

Bagel Sizing – Bagels are 5oz. cut dough weight. This is the desired bagel shop size and makes for a very upscale appearance.

Bagel Flavors – We maintain twenty-eight (28) bagel flavors which include unique and healthful tastes such as Whole Wheat, Honey Oat Bran, Eight Grain, Spinach, French Toast, Wheat Bran topped with Oats, and more.

Specialty Flavors – Original Bagel has the capabilities to create specialty-flavored bagels for special events.

Simplified Baking – Freezer to oven: Place frozen bagels on sheet pan and bake at 400 degrees for nine (9) minutes; then let stand for twenty (20) minutes and serve.

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