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Our Story

Our Story

Original Bagel was founded in 1995 as a fresh bagel supplier to local bagel shops, donut stores and delis from a rented, very tiny bakery in Rhode Island. With limited funds, co-founder Dave Harris had to be creative in every possible way including making a "proof box" by placing a boiling pot of water in the center of racks of bagels.

In 1996 co-founders Bruce Levenbrook and Ron Harris purchased a Pepsi distribution building for sale in West Caldwell, New Jersey. Over nearly two decades we‘ve created the best scratch baking operation, cold storage and offices all under one roof just 20 miles from New York City. Our focus on quality control has allowed us to sell 2,000,000 bagels weekly in all major channels of distribution.

We continually invest in modern equipment and processes to help ensure the best quality for our customers. We have a history of re-investing our profits year after year. And in 2015 we invested $2 million that includes a new DualBlastTM dual-spiral blast freezer to improve quality and increase capacity.

We know how we do business has a direct effect on our environment and we‘re always looking for ways to reduce our impact. That is why in 2015 we completely eliminated the environmentally unfriendly R-22 refrigerant 6 years ahead of the January 1, 2020 required phase out by the Environmental Protection Agency. It is also why we switched to T8 lighting in our offices and bakery lighting to save energy. Recently we installed a new "cool roof" and solar panels that produce over 60,000kWh per year. We also actively support community organizations.

We continue to grow and thrive, acquire new customers, and set the industry standard for authentic kettle boiled, hearth baked bagels.

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